Hooray for free vacations!

This last weekend we went up to Park City for a time share presentation. The 90 minute presentation only took us 15 minutes! I guess they could tell we really weren't buying anything. Our gift for going? A night stay at the Westgate Resort. We were suppose to go up last weekend but I was sick. I'm so glad we went when we did because the Wailers were playing a free concert. So much fun! After the concert, we went swimming in a beautiful heated pool that felt more like a warm bath. Sooo nice! It even had a waterfall. We later found out that it was the "relaxation pool" for adults only. No wonder it was nice and quiet our kids were the only ones there and they were really mellow the whole time. Then it was up to our room to eat dinner and snuggle up to a movie. The next day we went to the outlet stores and Main Street and then we were home in time to miss the storm. It was so much fun! The kids loved it, Brayden didn't want to come home and wants to live there.

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