Planning the Boys Birthday Party

Brayden's birthday is two weeks from today and Cohens is just 8 days after that. We have decided that this year we will do a combined party. Here's what Brayden wants for his birthday party, (Coco didn't give much input).

Brayden wants a Spongebob party and he wants all our family there, except for Maggie and Jude because he doesn't want to get them sick. I had to explain that by the time the party comes we'd probably be all better. He wants a "pe na na" to hit with a stick, balloons that we pop with our bums with prices inside (it's a game we do every year at every party we have. My kids LOVE it)He wants decorations with the #4 so everyone will know how old he is and that he's a big boy. For his birthday dinner he wants pizza and cheesecake and chocolate milk.

It's was so sweet to see his little face light up when he was telling me about the cake and balloons and all the friends and family that would be at his party. He's so excited!

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