Mock Sushi

Tonight for dinner the kids and I had mock sushi. It was so fun to share with them something I love so much and they loved it too! I just made some tuna, spread it on a tortilla, rolled it, cut it up, and placed the little rolls on a plate like sushi. They ate all up!

Ayelen- Tomorrow is picture day at school so we layed out all their clothes and I braided Ayelen's hair so it will be pretty an wavy for her pictures. It has gotten so long. She's almost done growing it out and then she will be donating it to locks of love like her mama did. She makes me so proud, it was completely her idea to do it. I love that my kids have such a big heart.

Brayden- My little man is struggling a little in school. Okay, a lot of bit. So I've been working with him on getting his confidence up. He's really smart and capable of anything, but he lacks self confidence and self esteem. I have been having him help me more around the house and he seems to be doing better. Funny how I thought I was "spoiling" them by not "making" them do chores or have too many responsibilities, but in reality I was hurting them all by taking away their change to develop and grow. He has really enjoyed being my special helper. He's such a good little man and has kept his room clean all week.

Cohen- My baby boy is talking more and more everyday. Man is he a handful! Always into everything. He has also been doing chores and it's so preciuos to see his little face beam with pride everytime he accomplishes something.