Awesome: Causing awe; inspiring wonder or excitement.

I was thinking, not being able to sleep, about all the people in my life. My husband, my kids, my family, my friends, even acquaintances. Thinking of these people, seeing their faces in my minds eye, I can't help but feel overwhelmed by all the beautiful people in life. I don't just mean outer beauty, but inner beauty that radiates from the inside out.
Some of these people have passed on, some are in far away lands. Others, though minutes away, are not in my everyday life. But every single one of them has been a positive influence in my life. How can one person be so lucky, so blessed? Seriously. I am surrounded by such greatness.

For those that have ever listened to me rant, made me laugh, or seen me cry, thank you. Thank you for being so great, so awe-inspiring. Thank you for putting up with me and all my craziness (because we all know I am a little bit crazy). For all the little things that you do or have done for me, I thank you. You have touched my life and my heart. If you're reading this means YOU. You have personally blessed my life in ways you don't even know. And nights like tonight where my tired mind races with thoughts of unpaid bills, messy rooms and piles of laundry. I can push it all aside and think of all the awesomeness that surrounds me and the fantastic people in my life.

Smartypants McGee

Ayelen LOVES to read. She's now on her 3rd chapter book and is very proud of herself. She always enjoyed being read to when she was little and as she got older, she loved to read to her brothers. But it seemed that school had taken the fun out reading. It had become a chore. This last month though something changed. I think my new found love of reading has made her rekindle her love of books. Junie B. Jones books are her favorite. She crawls up on the recliner or snuggles tight in her with my little book light. She'll laugh out loud at the silly things Junie B. says and does. Sights like this make my heart full with joy and pride. Like I said before, I was never a reader. I struggled a lot with reading my entire life. So I worked really hard from the day she was born to make reading a part of her life. I guess the only part that was missing was teaching by example.

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