Brayden's loves puzzles

He was so proud that he finished the 65 piece puzzle with very little help.

What a big boy!

Big brown eyes gleaming with pride, as he waddles through the door wearing nothing but a diaper, a smile and Brayden's ski's. "Look me, look me!" I could have died! My baby boy is growing up. Cohen doesn't say too much. Hi, bye, down, out, ma, dadda, babba, no, and he nods or shakes his head. He hadn't put words together until today. I was so proud but also sad that my youngest baby won't be a baby much longer. Man, they grow up too fast. Slow down guys and let me take it all in.

"I kicked your butt Mom!"

Today Brayden, Ayelen, and I were playing Wii Fit. It was so much fun and we were really getting into it. Brayden and I raced and I started telling him, "Wow buddy! You're really kicking my butt!" So we finished the race, Brayden won and I sat down for a quick breather when Brayden said "Up mom, stand up". I stood up, he climbed on the couch behind me and he literally kicked my butt! "I kicked your butt mom!" LOL. But we won't let him now how funny I thought it was. I had to hold it in and let it him know we don't kick people's butt and mommy won't say " I kicked your butt" anymore.