After posting yesterday I felt lighter. It was so nice to be open about something that I had keep a secret for so long, no more lies. It felt so good in fact that I wanted to share it with everyone so I logged on to my Facebook page and posted a link to my blog. I then started thinking of all my Facebook friends and how I wasn't sure if I wanted all those people reading something so private and personal. I, the girl that always has a smile on her face, was hiding something huge from the world. Today I'm feeling completely naked and exposed. The darkest and saddest time of my life is now out there in cyber space for all to see. That's a scary thought. But if by someone reading it, it will make them feel less alone, then I've accomplished what I had set out to do.

It has been so nice to receive comments and emails from friends assuring me that I'm not alone and that I am loved. What a marvellous thing to be able to say "Here is the worst of me." and to have someone in return say "You're amazing, and I love you." <3 It fills my heart with joy and love. <3
I'm so glad that I took the very scary step to write about my experience, even if I am feeling a little more vulnerable than usual.

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Silvia Petroni said...

I hope Sabri, you don't feel vulnerable anymore. Who can hurt you? Only the weakest of the world. You are much better than any person that can harm your heart, feelings or thoughts. Our brain is our best friend. Many times I forget to treat my brain with quality time and right care. I hope we can see that we are inside a box in which we have the key to open it and move. Move to another place, far away from the fog that doesn't let us see the beauty that is inside and outside of ourselves.
You are needed and wanted. Keep writing. You got talent, you care about people and life itself. We need your thoughts and feelings to become a better person. Always loved you and I always will.