My sweet little boy turned 4 years old yesterday. It was such a great day, we all had so much fun celebrating Brayden. We started out the day with breakfast in bed. Brayden had asked for cinnamon rolls, sausage, bacon and scrambled eggs and orange juice to drink. Ayelen woke up early to help me prepare everything. Cohen watched cartoons and had cereal (that was later followed by the "birthday breakfast", he's such a piggy!) and Jeff ran to the store to get tapes for our camera. By the time Jeff got back we were ready to wake up Brayden and sing to him. We all creeped in his room, Ayelen and I in the lead with a big plate of food, cinnamon roll in the middle with a lit candle. I sat down on his bed and gently tried to wake him up.
That didn't work. Pretty soon both Ayelen and I were bouncing him on his bed trying to wake him to no avail. Poor baby, he was so tired, but I had made breakfast in bed and was determined to have him enjoy it before it got cold. The green wax was melting into the roll, I was defeated. I let Cohen and Ayelen blow out the candle, but I think the smell of the smoke woke Brayden up. Luckily it was a trick candle and he got to blow it out too. He didn't want to eat his breakfast in bed though so we all ate in the kitchen.

After breakfast the kids played while Jeff and I planned the day. We decided to go to Chuck E Cheese. I know were not suppose to spend money on Sundays and we usually don't, but it was my babies specially day. It was so much fun! I don't think I have enjoyed myself that much at Chuck E's since I was a kid. There wasn't too many people there so we got to relax and play with the kids without being worried about the crowds. We could see from one end of the building to the other, it was awesome. No anxiety attacks for me :).

At the Hebert's house, Grandma and Papa were hard at work getting everything ready for Brayden's special dinner. As per resquest we had salad with ranch dressing, pizza and chocolate milk and cheesecake for dessert. But Grandma didn't stop there, there was also two types of cookies, brownies, ice cream, and veggies. We also had Nana's famous cheesy garlic bread. It was a great success.

While the adults visited the kids played outside in the backyard, it was a beautiful sun shinning day.

When it was time to open presents and sing happy birthday Brayden was so excited. Every gift he got was such a joy to him. Kyson (his 3yr cousin) had drawn Brayden a special picture for his birthday and unlike most kids Braydens age, he was so excited about the special drawing the Kyson had done for him, saying "thank you, thank you!" and proudly showed it to everyone. After Brayden was done opening all his presents he shouted "I'm the King of the world!" It was so beautiful.

We all feel so blessed to have Brayden in our lives. Since the day he was born he has been a big ray of sun shine. He's always willing to give hugs and kisses and share anything and everything he has. Seconds after opening his new toys he would hand the toys to his cousins or siblings to play with before he even got a chance to. We love you Brayden so much and we are so happy to have you in our family.

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Laura/Bridger said...

Happy Birthday, Brayden! Sounds like quite a special day. You really know how to throw a party. I think it was his 2nd birthday that we joined you for, and he was all for sharing his new toys with the other kids then too. Cute kid!!