Monday Night Blessings

I want to write these things down before I forget.

Cohen- I was given him a bath and he was playing with the bubbles. He would put them on his chin and say "Ho ho ho, I'm Santa Claus!" and then he put bubbles on my chin and I said the same thing and he said "No! You're Mrs. Claus." So with bubble on my chin I have him a hearty "Ho ho ho, I'm Mrs. Claus."
Later I caught him drinking the bath water. I said, "Don't Coco. That's yucky." His responses, with a big grin on his face, "No it not. It tasty."

Brayden- Painted pictures for all his friends, and his family. What a little sweetheart! He also loves to recite the pledge of allegiance. My favorite part: The United STAKES of America. Darling!

Ayelen- She wrote me a cute little note:
"A flower is pretty, but you are too. Which is prettier the flower or you? Y-O-U! Yeah! YOU!"
And below that she drew a picture of me and a flower next to me and a check mark under my picture. Precious!

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Laura said...

So cute! Your kids are sweet. I love the things kids say, but sometimes its hard to remember to write them down.