I recently started reading Twilight. Yes, I have caved into the Twilight phenomenon and I now understand what all the fuss is about. I love it! I haven't ever been much of a reader but this book has captured me. I'm half way through and I'm was really crushing on Edward Cullen and being the Facebook junkie that I am, I posted it as my status:
"Sabrina has started reading Twilight and is now crushing on Edward Cullen"
Ha ha. Jeff wasn't too happy when he saw this, so I quickly took it down. But the truth is, Edwards got nothing on Jeff.

We were in 9th grade and I had just moved from Provo to Orem. I was shy and out of my element. Even though there's only a few minutes between Provo and Orem they seemed to be a world part. I was lucky enough to have four of my eight classes with Jeff, who was some what of a class clown. He was always so funny, and could always make me laugh, but his beautiful blue (sometimes green or hazel) eyes lured me in. Jeff was my Edward.

He was the one that took my breath away when he smiled at me. The one that haunted my dreams every night. The one that would make my knees weak when he reached for my hand. When he kissed me he brought a flutter of butterflies into my stomach that came out through nervous giggles. My unsteady knees would make my body quake, but then he'd hold me and the nervous little shakes would ease. I was safe in his arms.

Now 12 years later the feeling is still the same, though I been able to tame those butterflies a little. Those feelings of nervousness have been replaced with overwhelming love and admiration for the man that he has become. I love Jeff with all my heart. He is my dream come true. My best friend, my confidant,and my rock during unsteady times. He is the man that I will proudly stand next to my entire life.

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Angi said...

What a touching tribute to your love...I bet he feels the same way about you!