Sparks of creativity fogging up my mind. I want to put into words, things I can not describe. Please Lord help me get this down and out. I feel like I'm suffocating, with all these feelings that want out. Why can't I say the thoughts and images in my mind. Am I not smart enough to find the right words? Why is so hard to express myself. There must be something, or someone that can help. I feel like I am drowning in pool of my own blood. Bleeding from the wounds that will not heal. Learning to care for myself is hard to do when all my life I have looked after you. You my mother, my father, my friends. My sisters and brothers and even those I have not yet met. I worry about you and pray in my heart that God will hold you safe in His arms. I think of the stranger I see in the street. Will have he have something to eat. I sit here at home in my house so warm. Being loved and cared for by those I adore. How many are out there that don't have what I have? How many of you would die alone tonight. I wish I was there for all that need me. I wish I could make all feel like me. I have so much, so much love comes my way. And beauty is all around in the faces of family and friends. Take away all things and I'm still so rich with so many that have touched me and have made my life complete. I thank God for every person he has brought into my life. So many wonderful people, and they are all by my side. Thank You, thank You, God upon high. For blessing my life with beautiful angels here on Earth.

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