Gods gift

When look in the mirror it's hard to smile. I hate myself for letting myself go. I see the dark circle under my eyes and little lines forming all around. I see acne. And stretch marks and the dread extra pounds. My hair is frizzy and my nails are short. I don't feel like my self. I feel ugly and gross. But I know they will be up soon so I put my smiley face on, I brush my teeth and up the stairs I go. In the kitchen eating breakfast I hear little footstep near. I look up to see my sweet baby girl. She immediately smiles as I stretch out my arms. "good morning sweetheart" and all the pain is gone. Sweet hugs and kisses is all I feel now and in her big brown eyes I don't see the monster anymore. I see a women who loves, nurtures and cares. A mother who is constantly there. In her big brown eyes I see she loves me just the way I am. What a special gift God has giving to me. That I'm not judged but loved by those closest to me.

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