Jeff's birthday is coming up. He'll be 27 this Tuesday, which of course is a reminder that I'll be 27 not too much after. Really where has the time gone? In my mind I'm still that awkward little girl that's not quite sure where she belongs or who she is. One minute I'm planning my future with dreams of moving to west coast and the next I'm a mom with 3 kids and been married for 7 yrs. Time flies, and I feel precious little moments slipping from my finger tips. I want time to stop, and let me catch up. I want to enjoy every second of every minute of everyday. I want hold my babies in my arms and keep that moment and feeling locked in my heart forever. I want every laugh and giggle to echo in my mind until the end of time. Sweet stories of far away places, super heros and bad guy chasing. I want to, and I'm going to- really truely capture those moments as much as possible in this blog. I will stop worrying about who might read it and who might not, and the mess in the background of every picture. I will post for me and my heart, to bring peace to my soul knowing that I'm grateful and aware of the beautiful blessing that is my life and my children.

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